Isnin, 13 Julai 2009

assalamualaikum to everyone especially to Pn Suzana...

hye guys..

im here to share with you guys my first week at has been splendid experience being here..first, when i step up in this university, i know it is going to be another exciting new day for me..well, our first week is full with activities handled by the is called orientation week..our seniors, they have been really nice to us..there is no more of 'ragging' concept is very welcoming feeling i had during the orientation week..lots of singing..clapping..well,the boys said they were treated like a kindergarden students..make sense apart from that, during the week, we had a tonnes of activities..meeting with vice chanselor of UiTM..we even had a chance to meet our prime minister during the senam seni malaysia was a great experience get to see him eye to eye..

now, im going to share stories about my classmates..there are 26 of us in the class where the sad part is the class is dominant by the girls..only 5 boys in the class..quite sad actually..pity the boys..huhu..all of us are taking degree in business is always nice to make new far,they have been very nice to me..and i have been very nice to them too..hehe..

so far i have be best friend with this two girls..nina and jija..they really drives me nuts!its always fun being with them..lucky for us,we stayed at the same floor level at Mawar..easier for us to meet each other..three of us..there is like a strong chemistry between us..though we juz met here..but its like we have known each other before..we were like a 'happy go lucky gurls' in the class..whatever activity or event, there must be the involvement from us..i hope that the friendship will last forever..not only with them..but others too..

our first week together, it has been quite mess..i still remember that we dont have the schedule on the first day of the class..being lost on the first day at faculty really gives me a headache..lucky for us,our class representative got the schedule and our class actually start at 10.30am..but it does not ends there..then comes another problems..we have to look for our class..every day there are new class to look for..but with all of us stick together, we manage to go through the week. i really really thanks them(classmates) for being around and being together with me in every sense of way..this is what i called '1 for all and all for 1'

as time flies by..we are getting along..meeting all the friends..gaining new, exciting experience here..being in UiTM is the most pleasant experience for me and my really boost my confidence and spirit to a higher level..i really want to excel here..that is my just few weeks here..there is a long way to go..

P/s : thanks to Pn Suzana for asking us to blog..this is my very fisrt time blogging..hope you guys enjoy reading~~LOL!!!! >_<